BASTA! – Konferenz für .NET, Windows & Open Innovation
21. - 25. September 2020 | Mainz

Beyond Python – Machine Learning is possible in .NET too

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Mittwoch, 25. September 2019
16:45 - 17:45

Artificial Intelligence, of which machine learning is a core part, is just a more advanced form of consulting that aims at producing ad hoc, straight-to-the-point results for customers. More than out-of-the-box (cloud) services, AI is about flexible frameworks capable of processing data in repetitive, configurabile and even agile way. ML.NET is a machine learning framework specifically built for .NET developers. It allows using .NET as the underlying framework and C# and F# programming languages to add forms of machine learning into your applications. The most interesting aspect of ML.NET is that it just offers a programming platform arranged around the idea of predefined "learning tasks". The library comes with sentiment analysis, fraud detection, price prediction, and will be extended to image analysis and whatever else will become of broad interest. The session provides a primer for all those blurred by the actual meaning of AI.

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