BASTA! – Konferenz für .NET, Windows & Open Innovation
24. - 28. Februar 2020 | Frankfurt

Software as a part of a complex platform development in a global Environment

Dienstag, 25. Februar 2020
10:30 - 11:30

The Oil & Gas Service Industry has undergone massive changes over the past two decades from a mechanical approach to a Software focused approach. Such complex industry requires Software that hides the complexity behind the scenes to facilitate intuitive handling.

The presentation will cover the basics of the Oil & Gas Industry and the various components being used. In addition to that, it describes the development of a new Software Platform for the Oil & Gas Industry that needs to take into consideration ongoing changes in mechanical, electrical, Firmware and Software design.

In addition to describing the general setup of Software this presentation will depict the challenges and needs faced during development of this highly complex system. As all involved components (mechanical, electrical, etc.) change during the development phase it requires alignment with all involved disciplines.

Based on a real scenario an example of architectural challenges and possible solutions will be given from a software point of view.

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